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What's It Like to Work with Kendrick Lamar? TDE Producer Tae Beast Tells All

"Dot is hands-on."

Working with Kendrick Lamar must feel like a privilege. 

As producer Tae Beast revealed during a recent interview on Curtiss King TV, working with Kendrick is a very hands-on and collaborative experience.

"Dot is hands-on. He'll be honest about everything," Tae told King.

This section of the interview begins at the 21:29 mark of the below video.



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In terms of one-on-one studio sessions, Kendrick's honesty with his producer collaborators is likely one of the biggest reasons why his end product is always so well-received. Kendrick has rarely been hit with the critique that his work feels superfluous, and that must come from him being honest about everything from the production to being honest about his own writing

Tae goes on to say that Kendrick is not scared to go off the ideas he has in his head and to try new things, both crucial for artistic fulfillment and growth. 

Excitingly, this is a TDE thing. Jay Rock wants you to tell him when his music is wack. There's no other way to improve than to face the harsh truths. 

There's a reason why TDE is the "Mafia of the West," and the collective's willingness to take and give notes no doubt plays a big role in that distinction.


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