How Lil Wayne Ended Up on Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up"

"Wayne, immediately was just like, 'Shit, I'm getting a piece of this."
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Juvenile's "Back That Azz Up" is a rap classic, and one of the cornerstones of New Orleans' hip-hop culture. In a new episode of Deconstructed on Genius, producer Mannie Fresh revealed how Lil Wayne, who is featured on the song's outro, was eager to jump on the track after hearing the beat and learning that Juve had asked Fresh to deliver the third verse. Oh, and he nailed his part in one take.

"Wayne, immediately was just like, 'Shit, I'm getting a piece of this," Fresh told Genius. "There's no way in the world this song goin' out without me being on it.' And he did his part, same thing, first take."

Thank goodness Wayne talked his way onto the record because it would be damn near impossible to image "Back That Azz Up"—or "Back That Thang Up," as it was known on the radio—in any form other than the original version. 

There are so many moments in hip-hop history that likely played out this exact way: a gut impulse that led to a staple verse or iconic moment. 

As for "Back That Azz Up," that song is one of many reasons why Mannie Fresh is a GOAT producer candidate.



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