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What Anderson .Paak Teasing a New Album Says About 'Oxnard'

"I think I got more soul music to present."

It's no secret we did not all love Anderson .Paak's Oxnard. The album, sadly, felt like it was strapped for identity and featured Andy lost within Dr. Dre's soundscapes. When he poked through, the album soared, but for the most part, we struggled to hear .Paak through the synths. 

In a new interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, though, Anderson .Paak, 33, hinted at the released of yet another, homier album in him.

"I made a lot of music with Dr. Dre, probably like two albums' worth and honestly, it's like music that I feel like getting out," .Paak said. "Oxnard was a beautiful place where, like, I got a lot of grit. I was doing a lot of rapping, and growing up there and running from security guards in the mall and slap boxing. We wanted to be rappers, and do a lot of stuff. We also went to church. I went to church a lot. The town over, you know, it was a little more quiet, more peaceful. I got into trouble out there, too, but it gave me a lot more character and soul. I think I got more soul music to present."



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That place is, of course, Ventura, which as .Paak noted, promises to be a more soulful affair. It is not that Oxnard was lacking soul in the musical sense, but rather that .Paak's heart was at times missing from the record. 

Not even half a year old, for Anderson to be teasing new music already speaks to the fact that he must know that Oxnard was not fully him, and perhaps with the forthcoming Ventura, .Paak can tell a more holistic story of who he is and play to his overt strengths. 

We have reached out representatives for .Paak to confirm if, in fact, there is an album on the way, and if so, when it will be released. They have not yet replied as of press time.


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