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Boogie Breaks Down Fake "Making It" Narrative

“We have this fake narrative that ‘making it’ is when you’re at fancy places or spending a lot of money.”

Success comes in many shades. For Compton's Boogie, 29, success is not necessarily a materialist marker, but rather, the ability to be comfortable.

“We have this fake narrative that ‘making it’ is when you’re at fancy places or spending a lot of money,” he said in a recent Forbes interview. “Making it to me is when I’m somewhere comfortable with my friends, doing what I love doing.”

These are the perfect standards to have when assessing success. Financial success' shine wears off eventually. There will always be more money to make, more awards to win, and more plaques to stack, but none of those things matter if we do not feel a sense of peace about ourselves. Boogie's outlook is a mature one, as he is an artist that knows what it means to be without comfort and struggling.

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Looking at success through the lens of comfort, and being able to provide comfort for those closest to you, is a surefire way to ensure you do not find yourself unhappy chasing down ever-shifting goalposts. Besides, the music is better when the artist is in a secure place, and not in a space of constantly pining after more.

Boogie is fresh off the release of his studio debut, Everythings For Sale, released on January 25, on Shady Records.


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