Vince Staples Wants His Fans to Have Self-Worth

"You should look at me and be like, he's not shit. Because I look at me and I feel like I'm not shit."
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Vince Staples is no God, and he prefers it that way. He's just a person, and he prefers it that way, too. 

In a new interview with GQ, Staples explained how he views people and wishes his fans had a bit more self-worth when approaching him at meet-and-greets, viewing him as holier than thou.

"I wish they cared more about themselves," he said, to the point of wanting his fans to have their own self-worth. "That's just what I would want for people. You should look at me and be like, he's not shit. Because I look at me and I feel like I'm not shit. And it's cool because I think they're not shit either. I don’t think the next man is shit. I think everyone is the same, we all on the same path of life and one day you're gonna fucking die, you gonna stink, and they put embalming fluid in you, and you might come back as a pony or something. But until then it's like, everyone's pretty even.

"I don't like—because if I'm so great it's like, how do you feel about yourself? Are you okay? Do you love yourself? Because I would like that for you."

All of these are very valid questions and points. When you reach a certain level of fame, people begin to look at you as their savior, and not just a musician, and it seems to be that Vince Staples wants his fans to look at themselves as their own saviors. 

By walking around and thinking of the people around them as "not shit," Vince Staples is encouraging his fans to elevate their personal view of themselves. Yes, we are all people, but we live and die by ourselves, and we deserve to feel good about who we are. That's what Vince wants for his fans, at least.


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