Blueface Welcomes Being a Meme

“If the outcome is money, how could it be bad?“
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Blueface may seem green, but he undoubtedly understands the music industry. For one, he knows that virality is the best way to pop off in 2019 and beyond. 

In a new profile with The FADER, he explains just that:

“The whole objective in this shit is to be a meme,” he says. “That’s what this industry is based off of: a bunch of mouths moving, gums popping, no matter good or bad. If the outcome is money, how could it be bad?“

Blueface's candidness and awareness are both commendable. In the social media era, if you can cause a stir online, you'll indeed have a one-way ticket to flash-in-the-pan success. But while Blueface has succeeded as a meme, and there are memes a-plenty, he also wants to be regarded as a lyricist.

"I want you to hear me," Blueface told The FADER. “And some people say I’m not a lyrical rapper.” 

Whether or not Blueface is lyrical is second to the struggle he faces now: how to be taken seriously after rising to fame on the back of a meme. Few artists have done it, and many—see: Ugly God, Lil Yachty—struggle with still being seen as a meme when they want to make serious music.

While Blueface may welcome being a meme now, it may come back to hurt him later on in his career—if he gets that far. Only time will tell.