DaBaby on His Decision to Sign with Interscope: "You Gotta Play the Game"

"You gotta get that machine behind you."
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Toughest baby in the game, DaBaby, is one of the most exciting rising stars of 2019. His latest project, Baby On Baby, is full of grit and charisma, making him one of the most personable artists breaking right now. Though he's been chugging along indie for a while, DaBaby understands that a major label deal was the right move for him.

"It was just time [to sign to Interscope]," DaBaby said on The Breakfast Club. "I just feel like I'm that caliber of artist, too. I come with so much. I bring so much to the table. I feel like, at some point, you gotta get that machine behind you because at the end of the day, there's too much money up there with the big dogs... You gotta know what you're doing. You gotta play the game."

Similar to Q Da Fool, who recently sang the praises of Roc Nation, DaBaby hits on an important note of making sure the timing of your major label deal is right. After operating as an independent artist for several years, DaBaby obviously felt that he reached the ceiling of what he could achieve as an indie act, and now it's time for him to sign and get the "machine" behind him, to fund his dreams and further his goals.

On the other side of the same coin is LA rapper Blueface, whose ignorance of his own paperwork is cause for much concern. That's not to say that his major label deal with Cash Money was poorly timed, but rather that Blueface does not sound nearly as confident in his deal, timing or otherwise, as DaBaby or Q Da Fool, or countless other indie acts who made sure their deal was a well-constructed partnership between artist and label.

The lesson here, then, is that signing is not zero-sum. You must understand your deal and make sure it is in your favor. Be like DaBaby, and while you're at it, press play on him, too.


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