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Russ: "The Music Business Isn't Set Up for Artists to Get Rich"

"I just hate the victim mentality."

Russ just went Platinum off Tunecore. 

On Wednesday, shortly after informing his fans that his 2016 song “Ain’t Nobody Takin My Baby” is now his first to be released through the popular digital music distribution service to achieve a Platinum certification by the RIAA, the do-it-all creative jumped on Twitter to remind his fellow artists that owning your masters and monetizing your catalog is indeed possible without a record label.

"You can make millions upon millions of dollars on Tunecore and not have to break anyone off," Russ wrote. "Stop lettin this whole 'there’s no money in music for the artist' narrative keep circulating. Shit is a lie. Own your shit and be self sufficient and you’ll cake or be dumb & complain."



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Three tweets later, Russ continued: "The music business isn’t set up for the artists to get rich. It’s set up for everyone else to get rich off the artists. Take the power back. Artists are the nucleus. Everything and everyone else is interchangeable."

Of course, this isn’t the first time Russ has gone out of his way to pull back the curtain on the industry and pass out free game to aspiring artists. During an interview on The Breakfast Club in 2017, he explained how building buzz gave him added leverage during his own contractual negotiations with Columbia Records, setting him up for a “partnership” (or joint venture) with the label instead of a more traditional record deal.

For artists who don't yet possess the leverage necessary to get the upper hand in a label negotiation, Russ has a message for you: stop complaining and do it yourself.

"I just hate the victim mentality," Russ said via text when we reached out to him for further comment. "It’s 2019. If you’re an artist getting taken advantage of, I don’t feel bad for you, at all."

"Ain’t Nobody Takin My Baby” is the 11th RIAA certification of Russ' career and his third song to achieve either Gold or Platinum through his own Russ My Way Inc.


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