DaBaby Urges Fellow Rappers to Stop Being Such "Tough Guys"

"It doesn't need to go down like that anymore."
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DaBaby may well be the best rapper out with baby in his name—and there are many. His music is rowdy and carefree and promises to put a smile on your face and some energy into your step. The Charlotte native makes you dance just as easily as he makes you mosh, and it's all organic. 

In a new interview with HotNewHipHop, DaBaby, 27, explains how his style is running contra to the tough-guy persona he sees all over hip-hop.

“I'm not afraid to be creative and push the envelope when it comes to creating a vision for my music," he said. "I'm not doing [comedy] so much to break stereotypes, it just happens naturally. Every rapper doesn't need to be a tough guy in the video, with guns, staring into the camera like they're going to scare somebody. It doesn't need to go down like that anymore. I'm making it okay to have fun with your content.”

The great lesson of DaBaby's commentary is that there is no need to flaunt any type of persona in hip-hop. The genre rewards and thrives off authenticity, and with social media, it's easier than ever to make who you are, your image. 

Look at how regular J. Cole is, no persona, just him. And it works. 

Fans gravitate towards people who are original, but they also gravitate towards people who are themselves. 

When DaBaby says he's making it okay to have fun in hip-hop, what he's really saying is that he's making it okay to present music in your own image, without fear of not being seen as tough enough in the hypermasculine culture. 

Be yourself and the fans will come, and better yet, they will stay.


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