How Zacari Found Out "LOVE." Made Kendrick Lamar's 'DAMN.'

"I hear him play 'LOVE.' with Kendrick on it..."
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Kendrick Lamar, Love video

Sometimes you get a call that you are on Kendrick Lamar's album. Other times, you just happen to overhear yourself on Kendrick Lamar's album. This is the story of how Zacari found out that "LOVE." made it onto DAMN..

"It wasn't even a call," the TDE signee explained to Travis Mills on his Beats 1 program on Apple Music. "You know what's crazy? I have a meeting at Top's house, and he's meeting with someone in the house already, and I'm waiting in his living room. In his meeting, I hear him play 'LOVE.' with Kendrick on it... 'LOVE.' was actually a core sound for this EP."

Well, that must have been a lovely surprise. 

To be fair, Zacari's story isn't insular. The writer behind The Carter's "LOVEHAPPY" found out her song made it on EVERYTHING IS LOVE on Twitter. 

With Zacari's EP Run Wild Run Free coming this Friday, March 15, it's exciting to hear that we already have the core sound of the EP in our hands. And that the sound is battle tested. 

"LOVE." is one of the more tender songs on DAMN., and certainly got people paying more and more attention to Zacari. If he can replicate that success across an EP, he's got a winner on his hands.