Blueface Has a Rap Career Because His Mother Doesn't Live in California

There would be no "Thotiana" if moms was around.
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Blueface has stormed hip-hop because of his unique flow and propensity to be a meme. Apparently, though, he's also stormed hip-hop because of his physical distance from his mother. 

In a new interview with The New York Times, Blueface explains how his mother not living in California helped him achieve a rap career. Seriously.

"I think if she was in Cali when I was doing my thing, it wouldn’t have worked,” he said. “I would have been in her nest, and she wouldn’t have necessarily agreed with half the [expletive] I was doing. It made Blueface be able to be Blueface 100 percent.”

Blueface and his mother both moved out of California so he could pursue college football, and when that "stint" went nowhere, Blueface returned to California, but his mother stayed in North Carolina. 

He may not know exactly what is in his contract, but Blueface is no dummy. The 22-year-old is well aware of his status in hip-hop and the aesthetics of his career. Of course, there would be no "Thotiana" if moms was around, and wouldn't that just be tragic?