Big Sean Is Making the Best Music of His Life

“I rediscovered myself and found a brand new energy."
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Big Sean is feeling better.

In an Instagram post, the 31-year-old Detroit emcee explained how he once felt burdened by music, and how the job had sapped him of his creative joy, but now he is feeling all the better and the music is better for it.

“Music, which is my happiness, my joy, started to feel like a burden to me. It started to feel like a job," Sean admitted. “I rediscovered myself and found a brand new energy, and me being the source of that. Then I started getting back to the music. I started having fun again and I’m making the best music of my life.”

What likely happened to Sean was a compounding of burn out and neglecting his own mental health, which we covered last year. In 2018, Big Sean admitted to not taking care of himself, and was likely working himself to a place where the music did become a weight on his mental health.

Now, it sounds like we are getting a resolution to our 2018 story. Big Sean has taken the time to be there for himself and grow, and rightfully so, he is in a better place and his music reflects it. 

Whatever Sean plans on dropping next, hopefully, it sounds as good as he feels.



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