Nav Knows His Debut Album Sucked

“It quickly settled in that I didn’t release that good of an album.”
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Self-awareness is a tricky but rewarding game. Take Toronto's Nav, who recently revealed to Pitchfork that he's keenly aware that his 2018 debut album, Reckless, was lackluster at best.

“It quickly settled in that I didn’t release that good of an album,” Nav said. “One hater comment is cool, but they were piling up from my fans. I had to take a couple of step backs and humble myself.”

"Yeah, I wasn’t ready," he continued. "I handed in that last album like homework. I was caught up in the lifestyle, having new money. Some of the songs on that album I didn’t even touch like I normally would, no beats, no arranging the mixes. On Reckless I was just a rapper, but really I’m a producer, engineer, a musician, and needed to put that all into the music. I thought the fans would just like whatever I put out because it was me. When I saw the reviews from fans and on websites, I realized I could really lose everything."

Well, good for Nav for being able to take stock of his music and evaluate the quality of his work. 

Though his newly-released full-length Bad Habits was not sonically a leap forward, hearing Nav's attitude improve is a sure sign that he has more in him musically—maybe. It's not easy to admit when you've made a misstep as an artist, and for that reason alone, we should applaud Nav's humility. 

Fame will get in the way of work, but it seems as if going forward, Nav isn't going to let that happen.