Lil Yachty Realizes a Rap Career Is "Really Fucking Hard"

"People don’t know that. People feel like it’s so easy, you know."
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Making a career for yourself in music comes with plenty of hardship. It seems as if Lil Yachty is still reeling from that truth. 

In a new interview with Adam22, Yachty discussed how incredibly difficult it is to maintain a career in hip-hop.

“This shit is really fucking hard," Yachty said. "People don’t know that. People feel like it’s so easy, you know. They think you came up overnight. Well, the getting on part is easy, the maintaining success part is very fucking difficult.”

Considering Yachty is still hurt by the response to Teenage Emotions, these comments should not be surprising. 

For the record, of course, having a career in music is a difficult endeavor. Of course, getting on is easier than staying on, but it's even easier to say these things and far more difficult trying to live them. 

One viral video is enough to launch a rap career these days, but no one is prepared for fame, fan expectations, and for the grind to stay on. Yachty is absolutely right, it's all "very fucking difficult." 

Hopefully, Yachty can take this adversity in stride and come back with some matured and thoughtful music. Time will tell.