21 Savage Has "2 Albums' Worth" of Material In the Vault

“Just stay down with me and wait.”
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After releasing the best album of his career, i am > i was, and being detained by ICE, one would imagine 21 Savage would want a break from everything. Per a new Billboard cover story, however, Savage has two albums worth of material in the vault.

"21 Savage is also sitting on unreleased songs—two albums’ worth, he estimates—though he’s in no hurry to put them out." —Billboard

For 21 fans, this is only good news. For one, it's wonderful to hear that despite the harrowing events of the past few months, Savage remains in work-mode and still feels creative. Secondly, sitting on such a mountain of material means it must come out eventually.

21 is a methodical rapper and smart man. To flood the market would be to cannibalize his previous release, and to stunt his growth. It is often times better to let a project breathe and grow with an audience, rather than to rush out releases for the sake of dropping music. When 21 is ready, the music will come.

In that breath, he closed his Billboard interview by asking fans to have patience: “Just stay down with me and wait.”