Jadakiss Airs Out Def Jam for Not Paying Producers

"It's still fucked up inside the system."
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No matter how many decades you spend in the game, the theme remains the same: the recording industry is broken. 

In a new episode of Pull Up, veteran rapper Jadakiss revealed to show host Joe Budden how he and Fabolous generated revenue off their late 2017 collaborative project Friday on Elm Street (originally titled Freddy vs Jason).

"We made more money off the shows," Jadakiss told Budden. "The shows trump whatever money Def Jam gave us."

In the streaming era, this should not be surprising. Streaming royalties will never surpass the financial importance of monetizing and mobilizing fans. 

Even more telling, perhaps, is who has yet to see any profit from the project.

"I still get calls from some producers, they ain't get paid from that shit," Jadakiss continued. "So, it's still fucked up inside the system. Maybe they might've just got paid, but at least up until last month, a couple producers was callin'."

Friday on Elm Street was released 17 months ago, and some of its producers are still struggling to get paid for their work. This music industry epidemic extends beyond major labels, beyond Def Jam, and reveals the struggle producers must overcome to be valued as equal to artists.



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