Charles Hamilton: "I Was the First Hip-Hop Blogger"

Kind of.
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Charles Hamilton was the premiere rapper of the blog era. His insane influence from 2008's "Brooklyn Girls" onwards secured him not one, but two record deals, and in a new interview on the Bedroom Beethovens podcast, Hamilton cites himself not only as a blog era rapper but as the first rap blogger. Period.

"I was the first hip-hop blogger, period," he said. "That's why I get kind of Rodney Dangerfield. There would be no NahRight, there would be no YouHeardThatNew, there wouldn't even be a Perez Hilton if it wasn't for me blogging. [...] It got to the point where Lupe Fiasco started a blog and shouted his blog out on The Cool. And the blog that he started was run by two females. I dead ass was the hip-hop blogger. I've got awards in English, in Journalism. I know how to write. I'm not that dumb. When all these blogs came out, I just sat back like, 'Look at the crabs on my dick.'"

The conversation begins at the 18:50 marker.

For as truly influential as Charles Hamilton was during the blog era, his account is revisionist history. NahRight began in 2005, DJBooth began in 2003, and "Brooklyn Girls" blew in 2008. There is no denying Hamilton's impact, but he didn't pioneer rap blogging. 

Really, these remarks likely comes from Hamilton's love for the era. We all have a love for the blog era, they were purer times, but we must also give credit where credit is due. 

First hip-hop blogger? Not exactly. First rapper to secure not one but two major label deals off the strength of his presence across the blogosphere? Sure.