ScHoolboy Q's 'CrasH Talk' Is the First Album He Made While Happy

"I'm just full of so much love right now."
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Over the course of his discography, ScHoolboy Q has always hit a low point while making his records—except for his newly-released fifth album, CrasH Talkas he revealed to Ebro in a new interview on Apple Music's Beats 1.

"I'm never satisfied," Q told Ebro. "I'm never satisfied. That's a problem I have, that I need to work on. But it's weird, though. That's what I'm saying, that's part of depression, too, where you just don't know. But I will say this, this is the first album where I've been happy the whole process. I will say that. And this is no lie. Meaning like, yes I lost Mac and stuff. But I'm saying during the roll out. Obviously when Nipsey passed, too, that was like a... But I'm just saying in general bro, I'm just full of so much love right now. My spirits are so high bro."

Perhaps Q's happiness is why we have so many somber tones on CrasH Talk, because he has the emotional distance to reflect on his lows and put those emotions in hard-hitting raps. Perhaps Q is also stretching the truth, as tinges of depression certainly color the album. 

Either way, we praise Quincy for being direct about his emotions; openness is the only way people heal and stay healed.


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