Celebrating a Year of Logic's Wins

“It's hell of a long way from back in the basement.”
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In 2013, Logic spit “It's hell of a long way from back in the basement” on his seminal mixtape Welcome To Forever. The sentiment of the tape—and Logic’s career up until that point—was one of triumph against all odds. Six years removed from that bar, Logic is still triumphant, but rather than rap about his sordid come-up, the rapper has moved on to brushing shoulders with his legends and doing everything in his power to affect social change within his zealous fan base.

In the spirit of Logic’s penchant for progress, we’ve cataloged all of Logic’s wins over the past year. With the release of his latest album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, the lesson of Logic’s career is self-evident: a clear message, an impeccable work ethic, and a loyal fanbase will get you far in this rap game.

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