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GoldLink Had to Leave D.C. to Make His New Album

"I never went to another place outside of D.C. to make a record."

Sometimes, all we need is a change of scenery to tap into creative energy. Such was the case for DMV's GoldLink, who revealed on Zane Lowe's show on Beats 1 on Apple Music that he had to leave D.C. in order to complete his upcoming album.

"I wanted to figure out what was the pulse, why I love my city so much and I think the answer wasn't directly in the city," Link said. "I think it was more so directly somewhere else. I've never had as much fun making a record because I think that I went about it ... Like I never went to another place outside of D.C. to make a record."

Being seen as one of the artists putting and keeping D.C. on the map, it should come as no surprise GoldLink needed to get out of the city. The pressure of carrying a whole region must be immense, and to stay in the city while working on music that will undoubtedly uplift the city is a tall order.



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Nonetheless, GoldLink's upcoming album, if it's anything like his new single, "Zulu Screams," should be a romp of a good time. 


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