Tyler, The Creator Uses Breakfast to Explain His Artistic Growth from 'Bastard' to 'IGOR'

"It kind of all led up to this."
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Tyler, The Creator's evolution is the stuff of legends. From shock raps to coming out raps, to IGOR, a heartbreaking album created in the most chaotic of soundscapes, Tyler has always privileged growth. 

In a new interview with Zane Lowe, the now veteran rapper broke down his development from Bastard to IGOR:

"It kind of all led up to this. It's so interesting too, a lot of people were like, 'Oh, the early stuff sounds so different from the new stuff,' but I think it's just balance. If it was like a breakfast platter with bacon and pancakes and eggs, and at first the plate I was giving people had a lot of eggs, but now this time it doesn't have much, and it's more pancakes and bacon or whatever. I think it's a through line through stuff from Bastard up until IGOR."

When Tyler suggests everything has been leading him to IGOR, he's right. The Cherry Bomb stylings, the Flower Boy vulnerability, the Wolf and Bastard chaos—it's all here on this album. 

Tyler, The Creator is a new man, and IGOR is a triumph in that respect. Whether or not you're vibing with the new record, Tyler must be commended for never being afraid of change.