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Freddie Gibbs & Madlib's 'Bandana' Sample Clearance Took "Almost a Year"

"Our team at RCA, they spent almost a year painstakingly clearing these songs."

Bandana season is here, and it was hard won. The Freddie Gibbs and Madlib sophomore collaboration was not without its challenges. According to Keep Cool's Tunji Balogun, the hardest part of getting the album to fans was the sample clearances.

"I was scared because I thought [this album] was going to have 100 samples and be super hard to clear, but we developed a strategy and managed to get it all squared away," he told Billboard. "Our team at RCA, they spent almost a year painstakingly clearing these songs."

As we all know by now, sample clearance is a complicated issue. Some artists, like Logic, hate sample clearances. And working with a producer like Madlib, Tunji was right to be concerned that samples would derail the record entirely.



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Thankfully, RCA had the resources to clear the records and we are being treated to Bandana soon: June 28 to be exact. We can't wait.


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