Murda Beatz Delivers Important Advice to Producers Who Lack Patience

"Know your worth."
Publish date:
Murda Beatz, 2019

Murda Beatz went from hounding Drake on Twitter to producing smash hit, "Nice For What." It's a success story for the ages, and from it, Murda has come away with some great nuggets of advice for upcoming producers.

"Watch what you sign, don't sign nothin' without a lawyer," he said in a new interview with Montreality. "People be messing up their whole careers and their lives because they don't know what they're signing. Don't get too hungry for money... Sometimes it's good to just wait it out, and you might get a hit. You might be ready to sign for 20 thousand and you don't even know that you got a hit coming next week... Get in these artists faces, don't just send beats to emails. Know your worth." 

Looking at his advice piece by piece, the overarching lesson here is to, as Murda says, "Know your worth," and stay guarded

Play the game, but play it wisely. Don't simply jump at the first deal that looks good, or hound artists as Murda Beatz once did. 

Do everything with intention, and move with the goal of building up your name and creating a brand for yourself. Find your voice as a producer, and then use it to the fullest of your ability.