Meek Mill Isn't Rushing His New Album

Meek Mill season is taking its time.
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It's not Meek Mill season, which is a good thing. We are not even a year removed from Meek's statement piece record, Championships, and though the streaming era dictates that it's already time for a new rollout, Meek has other plans.

In a new interview with Business Insider, the 32-year-old Philadelphia native revealed he is taking his time with his next record. 

"I don't even know," Meek said in response to how he will follow-up a platinum album. "That's what I'm in the mix of finding out, you know what I mean? Coming off that, it's only been probably eight months, seven months, something like that. So I'm just trying to figure out how I'll come back and impress the people, keep people intrigued with what I have to say."

In an era of microwaved releases and oversaturation, it's refreshing to hear that Meek wants to take his time and create a pure body of work to impress fans. Regardless of the demands of this time in music, there are still artists interested in the artistry and satisfying their fans.

When you are an artist in Meek Mill's financial position, you can eschew the streaming model and not rush. Becoming a star means being able to obfuscate the established release schedule rules, and more artists should take advantage of this reality.

It's not Meek Mill season, but when it is, fans should not be disappointed.