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Tyler, The Creator Is a Success Because He Isn't Afraid to Fail, Manager Says

Shout out Tyler.

Success in music does not come easy. Just ask the manager to the stars, Christian Clancy, who jumped onto TIDAL's Rap Radar podcast to break down why exactly Tyler, The Creator is successful.

"Why Tyler’s great, in my experience, is that he’s not afraid to fail, at all, which is fucking rare," Clancy said. "So you eliminate that and you kind of learn as you go. You trust in yourself. My motto, period, is surround yourself with people who know what the fuck they’re doing and let them do their job."

What Clancy identifies here is very important: creating with the need to succeed will often lead to failure while creating without fear of failure will often lead to success. His break down of Tyler's fearless career, evidenced by Tyler's ability to pivot and produce some groundbreaking music in the same turn, should be inspiring advice to upcoming artists.



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The grand takeaway from Clancy's spiel is that creation requires guts, self-awareness, and a great team. You can't get anywhere in the music industry without trusting in yourself, knowing your strengths, and employing the best people possible around you.

Move like Tyler; create without worry.


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