The Reason Why Lil Baby Believes His "Real Fans" Are In Europe

Well then.
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According to Lil Baby, his "real fans," the ones that go crazy at the shows, are all residing in Europe. 

In a new interview with 16BARS, Baby explained that while he doesn't like traveling overseas, he does have some of his best live performances on foreign soil.

"I have more of a laidback crowd [in America]," he said. "You know what I'm saying, a lot of baddies, a couple of dudes, you know what I'm saying. But these [European] crowds, they're like real fans. They like, jump up all the time, running around, so it's different for me. I like it, though."

The reason for European fans' enthusiasm for American artists is rather simple: they do not take these rappers for granted. In America, we understand these artists to be our artists. They'll tour the country time and time again, with several stops in one state and several nights in one city. We have no reason to be rabid fans when the accessibility is so high.

However, European tours are far more infrequent. International fans know this, and as a result, go crazy during live shows because they are far more scarce. What we have here is a case of supply, demand, and enthusiasm. 

Go crazy, Lil Baby fans, go crazy.