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Young M.A on Waiting 2 Years to Drop Debut Album: “I Didn't Feel Like I Was Ready”

Patience is always key.

Young M.A released her breakout single “OOOUUU” in 2016. Since then, many fans expected the Brooklyn rapper to quickly follow the single—now certified triple-Platinum by the RIAA—with a proper album. M.A was in no rush. 

During a recent appearance on Genius’ For The Record with Rob Markman, M.A revealed why she took her time crafting her official debut album over the past two years. 

Simply put: she wasn't ready to release a full body of work after "OOOUUU" exploded.  



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“I don't feel like things need to be rushed. I just didn't feel like I was ready, honestly. I didn't just wanna put it out there because everybody's saying it's standard, it's what the industry expects after such a wave. I looked at it as having to take my time, and I don't regret it, neither. It was pressure like crazy, and that was one of the things that discouraged me a little bit because it left me in a place where I wasn't too sure. I don't deal with pressure when I'm making music. I make music off of feelings, emotions, and things I'm going through and experiencing, not because of somebody saying they need it.” —Young M.A

We should commend M.A's patience. Often, artists and their teams scramble to put together a full body of work, following a popping single. Usually, the reception these rushed projects by listeners is mixed. 

By bucking this trend, and instead periodically releasing singles that generate millions of plays, M.A made her own path to independent success. It may not be glamorous, but Young M.A—and her fan base—will benefit in the long run. You can't rush greatness.

Young M.A will release her official debut studio album, Herstory In The Making, on September 27. 



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