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DaBaby: “You Gotta Show the Money When You Become a Rapper”

No, you don’t.
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2019 has been a watershed year for DaBaby. The North Carolina rap star has released two albums—Baby On Baby on March 1 and Kirk on September 27—and has been touring the country nonstop. There’s a lot of money coming in, and the artist born Jonathan Kirk isn’t afraid to show it off.

During an interview with Billboard, DaBaby dropped a particularly hot take about his newfound riches:

“You gotta show the money when you become a rapper. I can’t wear a hoodie every day and act like I don’t know no better, you get what I’m saying?”

It can be tempting to flaunt new money. As a rapper, there is absolute pressure to keep up with your fan’s expectations. The notion that a rapper must show off their wealth, however, is flawed. 

There are plenty of big-name, successful artists who rake in cash but don’t feel the need to advertise it through flashy accessories. Artists like Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Eminem, and the late Mac Miller never dress like they’re worth millions of dollars. J. Cole, in particular, has built an entire career on being regular.  

Rappers who do dress lavishly are not wrong to do so. Unfortunately, the more money it appears that you have, the easier it is to become a target. Even a rising star like DaBaby, who built his image around being unbeatable, can fall.