Here’s Eminem’s Spotify Wrapped for 2019. It’s Incredible

Wow, Em, wow.
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As 2019 winds down, everyone on social media is posting their yearly streaming stats. Through some of my “connections,” I’ve gotten my hands on the Spotify year-end stats of the one and only Eminem.

As DJBooth’s resident Eminem stan, I couldn’t help but take a curious look at what Em spent his 2019 listening to. I know this might seem like a trivial-yet-creepy invasion of privacy, but I HAD to post these results because... Well, you’ll see.

Here are the five artists Eminem listened to the most this year, and how many hours he spent listening to them.


Total time: 20 hours

This one comes as no surprise. Em has cited LL as one of his biggest influences and a childhood hero. LL Cool J has enough classics for anyone to drown in his incredible catalog. Eminem has always shown respect for the old school and all the legends who held the mic before him. If anything, the only surprise is that LL checks in at number five. So who surpassed him? You may wanna sit down for this.


Total time: 22 hours

For those who forgot about O-Town (aka everyone), they were a popular ‘90s boy band, most well-known for their chart-topping ballad “All Or Nothing.” This one is shocking for two reasons. Number one: Eminem has shown nothing but pure hatred for boy bands in the past. Based on these numbers, he was bluffing all along. Secondly, no one gives a shit about O-Town anymore. If you’re gonna bump a ‘90s boy band, why not Backstreet Boys? Or N*SYNC? Hell, even Savage Garden! I didn’t even know O-Town had a discography large enough to make these numbers possible. What the fuck is going on here?


Total time: 119 hours

Well, I'll be damned. Em clearly enjoys some clean, wholesome, relatable comedy from The Gaff. According to the numbers, Em listens to Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up comedy albums frequently, and he’s streamed his iconic joke about Hot Pockets hundreds of times. Don’t get me wrong, Gaffigan’s Hot Pocket bit is hilarious. The way he acts out the meeting where they invented hot pockets, how he keeps punctuating the jokes by repeating the Hot Pocket jingle in a high-pitched voice, and the ensuing tangent about how lazy of a jingle it is. Just a super solid bit front-to-back, iconic and great for the whole family—but hundreds of times? Marshall can recite that “imagine if fancy restaurants sold Hot Pockets” observation verbatim in his sleep by now. Unprecedented.


Total time: 511 hours

WOW. That fucking hypocrite. All that cheap talk of “I hate mumble rap” on Kamikaze and Eminem is secretly a card-carrying Lil Yachty stan? How can hip-hop’s angriest wordsmith be so passionately supportive of bars like “She blow that dick like a cello?” Em dissed Lil Yachty on “The Ringer,” an apparent deflection so no one would know Lil Yachty is actually Em’s hero. This selection is a bombshell if I’ve ever seen one.


Total time: 6,700 hours

Well, if this ain’t a goddamn adorable plot twist. Eminem listens to the soundtrack for the 2014 hit Disney film Frozen religiously. The world’s biggest Frozen stan, he even rented out a theater in Detroit to see Frozen 2 on its opening night, calling it “a mild disappointment that pales in comparison to the original masterpiece.”

6,700 hours? How the fuck is that even possible? There are 8,760 hours in a year, which means that Em spent 76.4% of his 2019 listening to “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman.” Isn’t he busy? Shouldn’t he be rapping about sheep and coffee pots? Someone from his team needs to release a statement explaining these baffling numbers.


Eminem illustration, 2018

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