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Fetty Wap’s “Just For You” Is a Sleeper Hit

Get me an art gallery and a speaker. “Just For You” deserves to reverberate off every wall.
Fetty Wap’s “Just For You” Is a Sleeper Hit

Welcome to Sleeper Hit, a new series where we highlight standout gems from recently released projects. The sleeper hit cannot be the obvious choice. The sleeper hit surprises and thrills us. It’s the one without being too loud about it. We hope you enjoy our selections.

Fetty Wap was supposed to be the one. When Fetty debuted with “Trap Queen” in 2014, when he released his self-titled debut the following year, it felt like the world was his. In 2016, in an art gallery in Brooklyn, I was helping my then-girlfriend set up her studio exhibition while “Trap Queen” played on repeat throughout the gallery. Fetty Wap was high art then, and with the release of his new project Trap & B, he maintains he is high art to this day. Fetty fills the seven-track release with mostly serviceable anthems, but there is a standout to write home about: “Just For You.”

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“Just For You” has that classic swing. The opening keys lilt and lift you up. The sparse snaps transport you to a simpler time. Fetty’s voice teeters on the fringes of some Frankenstein-ed Fetty-Wap-only neo-soul. As for the writing, we get a bit of everything: Sex talk, street talk, “I could be your superman” talk, too. “Just For You” has that fresh energy I remember surrounding “Trap Queen.” There’s a lightness to the backing melodies on the hook. The song is peppered with these ever-so glimmering chords, and Fetty sounds like he’s having the time of his life worming around in his pocket.

Fetty has so much fun, in fact, the second half of “Just For You” disintegrates in the best way. Song structure goes out the window in place of infectious vocalizations. Not for one second do we think Fetty Wap is taking himself too seriously. “Just For You” is a sleeper hit for that very reason: Fetty still knows how to have fun. He wants to have fun. 

The music industry—the ebb and flow of Fetty’s career—could have sucked all joy out of his process and his final product. Instead, we find ourselves humming along to Fetty’s sweet, sweet melodies like it’s 2015, and we’re all young again. Get me an art gallery and a speaker. “Just For You” deserves to reverberate off every wall. 

Listen to Fetty Wap’s Trap & B on Audiomack.


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