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Yung Gravy & bbno$’ “iunno” Is a Sleeper Hit

For some reason, “iunno” induces the most awkward rap hands.
Yung Gravy & bbno$’ “iunno” Is a Sleeper Hit

Welcome to Sleeper Hit, a new series where we highlight standout gems from recently released projects. The sleeper hit cannot be the obvious choice. The sleeper hit surprises and thrills us. It’s the one without being too loud about it. We hope you enjoy our selections.

When you look at Yung Gravy’s career, the word “Hit” comes to mind first. That’s not a bad thing. Yung Gravy is a very nice gentleman. He’s Mr. Clean. He loves MILFs. He’s having a good time, and he’s going viral in the process. Something about his deadpan delivery, his oddly impressive wordplay, and his ridiculous persona, is simply irresistible. Yung Gravy looks easy to hate, but who can resist a good time? 

Canada’s bbno$, I’m sure, is just as kind as Mr. Gravy. He may be best known for his work with Gravy, but bbno$ can hold his own solo, with his song “lalala” scoring 44,440,254 views on YouTube at the time of writing.

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Together, the pair are hilarious. Their latest effort, Baby Gravy 2, is good fun. Packed with memeable lines, a great Cuco feature, and so much unexpected steeze, Baby Gravy 2 is hip-hop for… Well... Everybody. There’s no reason not to enjoy this project because—from its title to its art—Yung Gravy and bbno$ have never claimed to be something they’re not. Baby Gravy 2 is not about proving a point or making a statement. The eighth track, “iunno,” though, that’s the one that will turn heads.

“iunno” is the “hardest” track on Baby Gravy 2, the one that flies closest to the hip-hop sun. The words are easy to pick up. Ninety percent of the time, Gravy and bbno$ are saying “Iunno.” They crash land into the pocket of the beat, pick up, lift-off, and barrel down again. Their delivery is just stiff enough to make us smirk, and just stiff enough where anyone can rap along. Meaning, “iunno” achieves sleeper hit status firstly because of how accessible the song is. The writing is, of course, absurd and loaded with cheeky one-liners and playful talk of ladies aplenty. Another sign of a sleeper hit: Quotables.

For some reason, “iunno” induces the most awkward rap hands and confounded head nods. “Why am I so cold?” Gravy raps, and we genuinely don’t know. At one point, Gravy claims he’s the fucking Pope. Also, the horns are great. Get Brasstracks on the phone for a collaboration. Honestly, this song is a trip. “iunno” is a hell of a sleeper hit, one that demands more spins purely out of morbid fascination. 

Listen to Yung Gravy and bbno$’ Baby Gravy 2 on Audiomack.


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