Lil Gotit’s “Stranger” Is a Sleeper Hit

There’s something inspiring about the way Lil Gotit surges with moxie and charisma.
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Lil Gotit’s “Stranger” Is a Sleeper Hit

Welcome to Sleeper Hit, a new series where we highlight standout gems from recently released projects. The sleeper hit cannot be the obvious choice. The sleeper hit surprises and thrills us. It’s the one without being too loud about it. We hope you enjoy our selections.

In his March 2019 profile in The Fader, Alamo Records signee Lil Gotit is championed as “The heir to Atlanta’s rap throne.” Six months later, the 20-year-old Atlanta-born rapper released his debut mixtape, The Real Goat. The title is neither modest, shy, nor humble. The title tells you Lil Gotit isn’t rapping to be seen as ordinary. For this rising newcomer, it’s the superstardom of a rockstar or nothing.

Lil Gotit’s latest album, Superstar Creature, is his fourth project released on Alamo Records and his first to be executive produced by superstar producer London On Da Track. One listen to its first single, “Bet Up,” and it’s clear Gotit has the ear for a brand of post-Young Thug melodic trap rap, from the same family tree as fellow Atlanta rapper Gunna

“Bet Up” has all the qualities of a strong single: it’s infectious, it’s familiar, it’s fun—an obvious hit. Superstar Creature is full of these sleek, hit-leaning shots at songs that will make Lil Gotit a mainstay of playlists like Rap Caviar.

There’s something about the project’s seventh track, “Stranger,” however, that stands out from the other earworms. Maybe it’s how Gotit begins the song with the most positive affirmation: “I do what they can’t.” That’s the self-belief of a superstar.

Gotit is a branch from Young Thug’s family tree of high-fashion southern rap—that swiftly stumbles in and out of pockets with lucid flows, Auto-Tune drenched vocals, and braggadocious flair—but “Stranger” has him in a zone that’s true to self. He spits one odd line (“I would’ve became a Jew”) with no context as to the why, but his flow and delivery here are some of his best. Gotit is lively, bursting with the will to be a standout. Something is inspiring about the way he surges with moxie and charisma, a combination that, when harnessed, allows Lil Gotit to exceed the expectations he’s been accumulating.

A hit record doesn’t guarantee stardom, but it does elevate the visibility of the hit-maker. Lil Gotit is one record away from being lifted higher. If not “Stranger,” there’s a record on Superstar Creature that could be all he needs to move into a throne he can call his own.

Listen to Lil Gotit’s Superstar Creature on Audiomack.