Megan Thee Stallion’s “Rich” Is a Sleeper Hit

The energy “Rich” brings to ‘Suga’ is unmatched, how Megan quickly and efficiently eviscerates the instrumental with her bellowing rap voice.
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Megan Thee Stallion, Suga, 2020

I want Megan Thee Stallion to win. I want her to win in court. I want her to win on the charts. I want her to win over our arts—the easiest of the listed tasks—and so on. I want bundles and bundles of success for Megan. Thankfully, she makes it easy to root for her, between her quality output and her sterling personality. Today, Megan drops Suga, a nine-track project precursor to her debut album. In some ways, in the wake of her contract disputes, this project feels monumental. Megan is taking power back for herself and all artists. But the question remains: What’s the sleeper hit?

Let’s not pretend Suga is some collection of throwaways with no hit in sight. Suga is a brisk and compelling effort from an artist who has always been this talented. Between syrupy melodies and great features from Gunna and Kehlani, we have “Rich,” the enthused sleeper hit of Suga.

Clocking in at a minute and 35 seconds, “Rich” is no-punches-pulled music. “I ain’t never need a n***a money, ‘cause I make it,” Megan announces over lilting drums. “Rich” breaks the mold of Suga with its excellent use of space and jittering production. The thick funk of the bassline makes the perfect soundstage for Megan to cement yet another signature chant: “I’m a rich ass bitch, getting money on my own.”

“Rich” features Megan in her topical bag. We love when Megan Thee Stallion is a self-sustaining, finessing, self-possessed “boss bitch” who “don’t need him.” The energy “Rich” brings to Suga is unmatched, how Megan quickly and efficiently eviscerates the instrumental with her bellowing rap voice. The spoken outro, too, is a crowd-pleaser. Produced by ProdByXavi, Frank King, Payday, and TBHits, the final notes of “Rich” feel classic.

“Rich” doesn’t overstay its welcome and keeps the momentum of Suga going well into the melodic closing moments. The song boasts a significant bit of utility, putting the battery in the project’s back while also reminding us Megan is really about this rap shit. Her writing is ever sharp, her deliveries ever captivating. She becomes one with the beat on “Rich,” and we continue our love affair with Megan Thee Stallion’s rise.

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