Jack Harlow’s “HEY BIG HEAD” Is a Sleeper Hit

Jack Harlow’s flow on “HEY BIG HEAD” is breathless and lively.
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Jack Harlow’s “HEY BIG HEAD” Is a Sleeper Hit

We made a playlist with all of our sleeper hits. You can listen to them here.

You never know which record will be the record. For Jack Harlow, the record was, at first, his 2017 breakout “Dark Knight.” That was then, and this is now. If you asked me, I would have told you Jack would be making his TV debut with “ROTTEN” or “THRU THE NIGHT,” both incredible cuts off his 2019 mixtape, Confetti. But I was wrong. The record for Jack Harlow was “WHATS POPPIN,” the first single for his latest project, Sweet Action. The song landed him, at the time of writing this, 14 million views on Lyrical Lemonade, and his TV debut on Jimmy Fallon. As of 2020, Jack Harlow is no longer on the rise. He’s arrived. Sweet Action is his first offering as a made-man.

On Sweet Action, Jack has a blast, singing and rapping about women and vices as he is prone to do. There’s jeer, and there’s a lack of self-seriousness. While Sweet Action already has a hit in “WHATS POPPIN,” Jack does manage to score another heater in his seven-track project: “HEY BIG HEAD.” Clocking in at two minutes, the harrowing production and Jack’s snarling delivery make this one for the books. “HEY BIG HEAD” feels like “Dark Knight”’s older brother. A little meaner, a little funnier, a little more concise.

Jack’s flow on “HEY BIG HEAD” is breathless and lively. The bells toll, and Jack surges forward. His punchlines are absurd, earning questioning adlibs tucked in the back of the mix. It’s a nice note—Jack’s incredible self-awareness makes his music all the more enjoyable. Perhaps the best part of “HEY BIG HEAD” is Jack’s self-assurance and his subtle notes on self-care: “I locked in, had to go out less.” There are blowing-off-steam albums, and “HEY BIG HEAD” is Jack’s blowing-off-steam song, condensing all the benefits of rapping for the love into two impressive minutes.

Between bouts of flexing, Jack slips into a few, quick melodic moments before letting the spooky production play him out—until we press play again. If “WHATS POPPIN” was the record, “HEY BIG HEAD” is a very close second, a record meant to keep up Jack Harlow’s career-momentum. “Ain’t nobody worried ‘bout if I’m next,” Jack announces. He’s right. His moment is now.