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Big Yavo Is Stepping Outside His Comfort Zone

“It made sense for me to give it a try and do it my own way.”

This article previously appeared on Audiomack World.

Big Yavo’s booming voice makes speakers quake. The Alabama rapper’s 2021 Like Yay is 16 tracks of braggadocio and gruesome punchlines. Standout “Cactus” features Yavo’s commanding vocal stacking up and tumbling down from verse to hook. “On Gang” recalls his beginnings and trapping, and sends a warning to anyone trying to snatch his chain: “I’m talking that raw shit.” Yavo’s drawl complements his loose cadence—the way he maneuvers the pocket of each beat makes the Like Yay irresistible.

“Overall, [I make] trench music,” Yavo explains of his sound. “Turn-up songs, boss mentality, and smooth wordplay and punchlines.” Key moments on Like Yay—“Him,” “Tit For Tat,” and “Walk Through”—feel like absolute stomps, anthems to play on the way to a fight. And yet, Yavo has a softer side to him he doesn’t always express in his music. As an exclusive perk for supporting Like Yay on Audiomack, Big Yavo is offering a few fans the chance to hear an unreleased song, entitled “Fronted,” early.

“The song is more melodic than usual for me,” Yavo says. “It’s a slower pace for me. I’m singing a little on it. It felt like the perfect track for Valentine’s Day.”

Support Big Yavo’s Like Yay here for a chance to hear “Fronted” early.

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Who or what first inspired you to start making music?

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Seeing other people around me starting to rap, I figured I could give it a shot and probably do it even better. I was in those rooms and didn’t always like what I was hearing. It made sense for me to give it a try and do it my own way.

How does Alabama influence you?

Being from Alabama, there’s less of a blueprint to follow. It’s a newer scene so I figured out a lot by myself. I think that type of hustle can’t be taught. You have to learn it by experiencing it. My city has given me that. A lot of my songs come from that state of mind.

Why do you think the fans are so invested in your come-up?

I keep it real with myself and my fans. They have been seeing every move every step of the way. I rap about it and show my life in real-time.


You’re doing a Supporters campaign with Audiomack, offering an exclusive listen to an unreleased track. What can you tell me about the song?

“Fronted” is about not being able to trust people around you. It goes for love and relationships too. As my situation has been changing for the better, it’s become harder to know who’s real and who’s not. The song pretty much is saying I’d rather stay out the way and worry about myself than deal with fake love.

How do you plan on feeding the fans in 2022?

I’m working on my album as we speak. I got a bunch of tracks ready for it. I’m looking to finish it up this month, and flood the fans with new music and visuals for the rest of the year.



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