Welcome to the Mind Blowing World of 3D Rap Gifs


17 years go I missed basketball practice because I was looking at random shit on ebaumsworld, the phone line was busy, and my dad couldn't call me to tell me he'd be late to pick me up; back then you couldn't be on the phone and the internet at the same time. Now I am streaming the new Lupe album as I check Twitter on my phone in between making dope ass gifs.

The internet is amazing.

After two years and some change of being a full fledged internet explorer, I'd like to think I know my way around the dark, dense, boob-filled jungle that is the webz. Still, just when you think you've seen it all, the internet comes out of nowhere to slap you in the face with something amazing. You know the kind of shit that makes you stay up til 3:30 AM obsessively working. Well, it happened to me last night.

If you've ever read any single article from anyone on the DJBooth squad, then you know how much we love gifs. Though I'd like to think our collective pen game is our trademark, sometimes words escape up. When we can't simply find the right words there is a gif ready and waiting to help us convey our emotions. Happy, angry, excited, drunk, you feel it and there's a gif for it. Anchorman references, Rosa Acosta, and gifs are pillars of the DJBooth empire. So you can imagine our excitement when we found out 3D gifs exist. I repeat... 3D GIFS!!!!! (The technical terms is split-depth gifs and you can read all about them over on reddit.)

Basically, because science and because internet, people are able to make a 2D gif into 3D using some lines or someshit. I'm not sure how it works exactly but the end result is cooler than a polar bear's toenails. Take a look.

Image placeholder title

Yo! How cool is that?! Who would have thought Bad Boys would get even better?! After nerding the fuck out and getting lost in the blackhole that is Reddit, my thoughts shifted to rap, as they so often do. I don't know now, I don't know why, but what if...just maybe...we could make our own 3D rap gifs?!?!? SPLIT DEPTH RAP GIFS?!?

SPLIT DEPTH RAP GIFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, that's exactly what I did. I downloaded the software needed and took a stab at making my own. Of course, I couldn't just dive right into Nicki Minaj's boobs yet, I had to get some training. So I made this:

Image placeholder title

Then I made this one:

Image placeholder title

Ok. I think I got it (sort of). Now, time to make some rap ones!!! 

Yeah, about that. Turns out it ain't so easy: 



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Image placeholder title

So I sucked at it, but that didn't stop me from becoming obsessed with making the greatest collection of split depth gifs on the whole world wide web. We all suck at things the first time, it just meant I was going to have to use some determination. So yes my friends, I have spent the last 12 hours combing the internet for split-able rap gifs, plugging them into the magical gif program (downloadable here), and trying to make them work. Most (like the ones above) are just god awful, but there were a few gems I managed to dig out of the dirt.

Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title
Image placeholder title

And because I've always dreamed of her climbing out of my screen and into my room...

Image placeholder title

I'm still very much a rookie in the 3D gif game, these are far from perfect, but a few OK split-depth rap gifs are better than none. I'm going to keep at it, but I'll also need your help. Send us a collection of rap gifs you want to see in 3D and I'll try my best to make it happen. Be sure to make sure the action is moving toward the camera or across the frame, and try not to have too much white in the background. If they fit, I'll do my damndest to split depth 'em. Or even better, I know a lot of y'all have some serious internet skills, make your own and post them in the comments!

Reddit kind of has the split-depth thing on lock (all praise due), but it is my hope we can make DJBooth the go to source for split-depth rap gifs. In fact, to sweeten the pot, if you make a super awesome gif, a free Detox shirt may just be on its way to your house. 

Let's make DJBooth the official source for split depth rap gifs! God bless the internet!

P.S .- For the record, it's pronounced "jif"

[Lucas Garrison is a writer for DJBooth.net. He always orders guac at Chipotle even though it's extra. You can find him on Twitter @LucasDJBooth.]



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