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5 Ignorant Rap Songs I'm Bumping Right Now


As a hip-hop fan, and as someone who loves language, I have a penchant for complexly original, lyrically intricate hip-hop. I mean, you're looking at someone who will go to the grave arguing that Aesop Rock is one of the best rappers of all time. But there comes a time in every man's life when he needs to turn his brain off and turn the volume up, and when that time comes, there's nothing better than some ignorant rap. (Note: For our purposed, "ignorant" is hereby defined as any song built around a huge beat, a catchy hook and whose lyrics contain absolutely nothing of substantive value.) Without further ado, here are five of my favorite brain cell killing anthems.

O.D.B. & Ludacris - "All the Time"

The homey DJ Z and I got into this one a little bit. He felt like it was nothing special, but "All the Time" is pure audio crack as far as I'm concerned. And crack may just be the best analogy, since "All the Time" undoubtedly only kills brain cells. That beat is absolutely hypnotic, I've never heard ODB sound so good on a more club cut and Luda comes through, of course. This shit should be a Schedule 1 substance. Off J. Cardim's "

The In Crowd" mixtape

. Download the tag-less version of "All the Time"



Rick Ross - "MC Hammer"

Officer Ricky has become the go-to man for ignorant (lying filled) bangers over the last few months, and while most will point to the ubiquitous "B.M.F." as their ignorant anthem, I've got to give the slight edge to "MC Hammer". Come on - there's nothing better than hearing a grown man say "I've got back-up dancers, I take em everywhere, I'm MC Hammer" in the deepest voice possible. Oh, and of course I'm talking about the "

Albert Anastasia

" version, not the album version with Gucci.

Young Jeezy - "Who Dat"

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Off "The Recession", one of my favorite ignorant rap albums ever, and as a bonus includes an incredibly ignorant video! Jeezy needs to stop taking himself so seriously and get back to making stupid, huge music like this, that's when I like him best. He's like the rap version of a Snicker's - he has absolutely no nutritional value, but if you've got the craving, it really satisfies.

Flo-Rida ft. Ludacris & Gucci Mane - "Why You Up In Here"

I kind of hate myself for liking this track, which means it meets every qualification for inclusion on this list. As long as I'm confessing to giulty pleasures, I may as well go all out and say I don't even mind the terrible Gucci verse on this. I'm pretty sure Git Fresh's hook is 90% responsible for how catchy this track is, but a hook that's better than the verses? That only enhances its ignorance.

Yung Joc - "Yea Boy"

This one surprised me more than any other track on this list. There was no way, I repeat, no way, I thought I was going to enjoy Yung Joc's new single "Yea Boy" - the man can't even spell "yeah" right - but after my tenth consecutive listen I had to admit how much I was feeling it. The beat (by Don Vito) is epic, and Joc responds by busting out every swag rap cliche in the book. Don't front, you can't stop doing the "yea boy" thing on the hook either.

(Not So) Honorable Mentions

: Birdman ft. Lil Wayne, "

Pop Bottles

", Mims "

This is Why I'm Hot (DanceHall Remix)

", Mac Dre "

I"m Feeling Myself

" (debatably ignorant, Mac's a better lyricist than it may seem at first. R.I.P.).

Did I miss your favorite ignorant track? Let me know in the comments below or at nathan(@)



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