True Romance: My Favorite Love Songs From 2014


Some say romance is dead in the age of Tinder, and they aren’t wrong. My generation will be remembered more for sending nudes via Snapchat and not eternal romance, but that doesn’t mean we are without music that embodies the sacred concept of love.

I'm not afraid to say that I love being in love, so I started to search for songs from 2014 that gave me the feeling of a Jagged Edge "Let's Get Married," Pharrell’s "That Girl" and all the sappy songs that at one time left us with thoughts of a special someone with every listen. My search was a tough one. I found songs about lust, songs about thots, songs about heartbreak, and songs that can only be described as sophisticated gibberish. But after a long, strenuous search, I did find a few that kinda met the criteria; I believe they are songs inspired by that indescribable feeling of passion and affection. So here they are my fellow romantics, my five favorite love songs of 2014.  

Big K.R.I.T – "Do You Love Me"

They say you never forget your first love, but that's usually due to a traumatic chain of events that will haunt you until the discovery of alcohol and/or Zumba. The same can be said about your vehicle, it might not be your first, but every man will eventually purchase a car that is extremely dear to their heart. Big K.R.I.T is well-known for being an old-school Cadillac aficionado, but the Mississippi lyricist expresses a deeper level of endearment on "Do You Love Me." Vocalist Mara Hruby is soulful and tender, and the production has the elegance of a Porsche. DMX never displayed this kind of love and affection for Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia, Dawn, LeShaun, Ines, Alicia, Teresa, Monica, Sharron and Nicki.

BJ The Chicago Kid – "Soul of a Woman"

BJ puts the microscope on his lovely companion, he digs deeper than the surface, honoring her essence. "Soul Of A Woman" has this nostalgic atmosphere that takes me back to when Anthony Hamilton was serenading the senoritas. It just doesn’t get old, you’ll surely be playing this on the Beats Pill during the duration of this cuffing season and all the ones to come.

JMSN – "Need U"

JMSN’s Blue Album is the hidden diamond in the avalanche of fourth-quarter releases. He’s bringing soulful, early '90s R&B ballads that I believed were extinct after T-Pain toppled radio towers with his Auto-Tune meteor. What I like about "Need U" is that it’s a song that reflects the struggles of an artist, his woman and the strain of failing to balance love and life. While pursuing a crazy, creative-driven dream your happy home tends to topple, leaving nothing but beer bottles, selfies, and loathing. This is a love letter to the one that got away, the one you’ll need when the hype starts to die, the DMs no longer get replied, and you’re suffering from success. A song this sincere and realistic will always be relevant. 

Sam Smith – "Lay Me Down"

I don’t know much about Sam Smith, but "Lay Me Down" convinced me he has some serious pipes. This is the kind of song you sit outside her window, with the boombox overhead, letting Sam simp your way back into her good graces. He lays his soul across the somber keys, and the ending is pure fireworks. 

Childish Gambino – "The Palisades"

Childish Gambino dropped the Kauai EP earlier this year, he stepped away from rapping, and focused on flexing his improvements as a vocalist. His songwriting shines when he isn’t attempting to prove his prowess as a lyricist, "The Palisades" is a great example of what he’s able to accomplish. Christian Rich outdid themselves with the tropical production, it feels like the kind of romantic weekend Martin envisioned for him and Gina on Chilligan's Island. This is the 2014 looking for love in all the wrong places. Catchy and fun, even though the hook contradicts his message, this is by far one of Gambino’s most memorable records from 2014. 

[By Yoh, aka Mr. Steal Yoh Girl, aka @Yoh31]



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