The 5 Most Dangerous Cities and Rappers in America (Video)


Every year CQ Press's releases its annual crime city rankings, measuring approximately 400 major American cities in six different categories -- murder, rape, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault and motor vehicle theft. Since hip-hop was born in the South Bronx during a time when the Bronx was easily one of the most dangerous places in the country, I thought it was only right to reveals the top five most dangerous cities in America and give a shout-out to that cities hip-hop representative.

By the way, the safest state in America? New Hampshire. When's the last time you heard some dope hip-hop come out of NH? Coincidence? I think not. Anyway, Let's get to it.

No. 1: Camden, N.J.

Rankings in Crime - Assault: 6, Murder: 1, Rape: 8, Motor Vehicle Theft: 8, Robbery: 1, Burglary: 41

Review - To put those statistics bluntly, if you live in Camden you're more likely to be robbed and killed than anywhere else in the country. No disrespect to the fine people of New Jersey, but I don't think I'll be visiting Camden anytime soon. Thanks.

Representative - I'm sure there are some dope rappers from Camden specifically, but I'll be real, I don't know any (if you do email me at nathan(@)refinedhype.com), so I'm going with another Jersey rep, a man who's one of the most dangerous emcees in the the game,

Joe Budden


No. 2: St. Louis, Mo.

Rankings in Crime - Assault: 2, Murder: 4, Rape: 45, Motor Vehicle Theft: 4, Robbery: 4, Burglary: 13

Review: I had a friend who lived in Eat St. Louis for a couple years, and after visiting him a couple times I can vouch for the fact that St. Louis ain't no joke.

Representative: I don't know much about the man, but after watching

Aye Verb

rep hard for St. Louis in this freestyle I figured he was definitely doing his city proud:

No. 3: Oakland, Calif.

Rankings in Crime- Assault: 7, Murder: 12, Rape: 14, Motor Vehicle Theft: 1, Robbery: 3, Burglary: 116



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Review: As a former Oakland resident I can attest to the fact that while Oakland is one of the most creative cities in America, those jackers get pretty damn creative too.

Representative: As much as I want to give Mac Dre some much deserved shine, you know I had to go with the Bay Area godfather


(yes, I know he's from Vallejo), and Oakland native

Keak da Sneak


No. 4: Detroit, Mich.

Rankings in Crime- Assault: 3, Murder: 8, Rape: 169, Motor Vehicle Theft: 3, Robbery: 8, Burglary: 16

Review - You know how you never hear anyone say, "You know where I'd love to go on vacation? Detroit." This is why.

Representative - Although I could have easily gone with Slim, he's been so famous for so long I thought it was only right to turn things over to a man who's still on Detroit's streets,

Royce da 5'9"


No. 5: Flint, Mich.

Rankings in Crime - Assault: 1, Murder: 13, Rape: 9, Motor Vehicle Theft: 60, Robbery: 16, Burglary: 1

Review - Although Detroit gets most of the national attention, the collapse of the auto industry has left Flint a economic wasteland, predictably sending crime skyrocketing. The lesson? Michigan is not a particularly good place to be right now.

Representative - I had to old school with this one and go with Flint native

MC Breed

. If Pac's co-signing your rhymes you know you're deadly serious. R.I.P. MC Breed and Tupac.