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Five 50 Cent Songs Even Haterz Love


50 Cent seems to be a hot topic as of late

. I don't consider myself a hater, but in this day and age, apparently not really caring means you are a hater who wants nothing but bad things to happen to someone. We talked about it last week, and to my surprise, there are still people who care about 50. I wouldn't call him a "legend" but for a while there was a premiere emcee and he has survived this long so he must be doing something right; still, I just don't think he is very good. Sue me. It's weird because I used to love him back in middle school but I have no nostalgic feelings for him. Oh well, while I might not care, that doesn't mean I am above enjoying a few fiddy cuts here and there. It's time for

Haterz Love

: the 50 Cent edition

"In Da Club"

Is there really any other place to start? As monotonous and downright boring 50 can be, the man sure knows how to make a hook or at the very least an ultra quotable line; I still use "go shawty, it's your birfday" regularly.  I feel like I shouldn't even have to explain this one. Pretty much everybody's intro to 50, one of the most recognizable songs from that era and catchy beat; we wouldn't;t have 50 if it weren't for "In Da Club". You may not think you are in love with this song, but trust me you are. Good luck turning it off once you have started.


First and foremost, twelve second mark; I haven't seen one of those iPods in years. As for the music, another day another

Get Rich or Die Tryin' song

with a catchy hook. I promise not ever song will be from this album, but it only makes sense to have a few considering it's his best. As I said, my main quarrel with Fiddy is that he sounds the same all the time, so this remix is the best of both worlds. You get a cool verse from him, but then you got Snoop, the pimpest of pimps, taggin' in as a welcome change of pace. Still though same formula, catchy beat, fluid flow, and a quotable hook. Hate him all you want but 50 knows (or knew rather) the formula for success.

"Ayo Technology"


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I wanted to include this "Cry Me A River" remix, but it wasn't original so I'm settling for another,


50 and JT collab. Yeah, I like this song; so what? It's a banger and probably the last 50 Cent song I actually remember. What seems to be the case with all of these Haterz Love, I can always dig a song where the hated emcee isn't the only voice, but 50 is the best example. A single 16 is fine, but anymore and I just feel bored. Here, the man pacing the effort is Justin Timberlake so of course it's gonna knock. Plus Timbaland is on the beat so it's basically guaranteed to get stuck in your head for years. Bonus points because it's fun to think about a guy who was shot 64 times being in the studio with

this guy


"Hate It Or Love It"

Not gonna lie, this is like 90% about the beat. Cool & Dre and Dr. Dre did a hell of a job flipping the Tammps CLASSIC "

Rubber Band

". Also "Comin' up I was confused, my momma kissing a girl"  is one hell of an opening line. I also really like that joint hook. It's always only one emcee on the hook, but 50 and Game is a really nice 1-2 punch. As I've said about a thousand times now, 50 can be boring, but this beat works really well with his flow. Not too aggressive, not to laid-back, a little luxurious and 50's flow seems to just glide atop it...but mainly "Rubber Band".

"Many Men (Wish Death)"

Back in middle school, I never really liked this one but now that I am older and have seen some things on the mean streets of suburban Maryland I actually kinda dig it; like for real dig it, not  like it in spite of 50 or anything. It isn't my favorite from him (I'm all in "Ayo Technology") but objectively, this is his strongest effort. A catchy hook, but the song is still pretty gritty. Of all "gangstas" in that era, we know most were actually wanksta's but 50 was the first emcee I knew who actually came from where he said he did (getting shot gave him all the street cred ever) and this about as gangsta as he gets, so at the very least it's believable. Shit... I might be putting this back in rotation. 

Well there you have it, five songs that even a 50 Hater (or someone who couldn't really care either way) can enjoy. There was a while there in 2003 when he was my favorite emcee, but now that I am older and wiser (still the same level of maturity though), he just doesn't bring enough to the table to interest me. Sorry; different strokes for different folks. Did this get me more interested in

Animal Ambition

? Not in the least. I'll sooner listen to Get Rich or Die Tryin' before anything new. Sorry Fiddy, but no amount of quotable lines and catchy hooks will change my mind; more Trammps samples might though.