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7 Dope Underground Rappers You (Probably) Haven’t Heard Of Vol. V

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What’s up RefinedHype Nation? I know it’s been a while, but I’m finally back with another batch of dope emcee’s you (probably) haven’t heard of. With everything from forgotten '90s female emcees, to heavy jazz-influenced hip-hop, to modern day gangster rap, there should be something for everyone in this group of hip-hop artists.

Let's get to it...

1) Shazzy

Shazzy is probably the best underground female emcee from the 90’s that I can think of. She definitely had an ear for beats that ooze real hip-hop, including production from the legendary Pete Rock on her album. Shazzy’s flow doesn’t remind me of anyone off top, but it is truly the essence of what I think of when I hear the words “golden age”. With subject matter similar to other underground 90’s hip-hop artists, she should be a great listen for all the golden age heads out there. Check out one of my personal favorites “Pass Anotha Bag”.

2) Theory Hazit

Theory Hazit is one of the most heartfelt emcee’s you’ll hear on the mic, period. However, Theory doesn’t sound sad or corny while he tells his life story, it’s more that you can hear the pain and realness in his voice. Theory has been putting out dope tracks for as long as I’ve been listening to hip-hop, and to this day has never had a disappointing release. With banging beats and a head-nodding slick flow, he should be a good listen for anyone who has appreciation for real hip-hop. Check out “Ghetto” above.

3) Beedie

Beedie is mostly known for his work back in 2007 with Mac Miller as “The Ill Spoken”, however he’s been putting in work, and putting out dope music as a solo act since. Beedie sticks to lacing underground beats with a stoner flow, and is one of the few people who seems to ALWAYS sound hungry on the mic. He speaks from the perspective of the average dude who likes to get high as fuck, while making sure to always keep it real. Basically, he makes the perfect music to bump in the car, at a party, or even just in your headphones walking to the corner store. Check out his banger “Old Soul” above.

4) Parker

Ok, so you’ve probably heard of Dumbfoundead through battling or youtube, but I feel that the dude doesn’t get the love he truly deserves. Dumb’s been on the hip-hop scene for as long as I can remember, and has always killed it whether battling or making music. Recently, Dumb changed his name to Parker, but hasn’t slowed down the dope flows one bit. He stays dropping slick, witty flows over ANY type of beat, whether mainstream or underground – but it always manages to work. Check out his most recent track “Shatto Park” above.

5) Vince Staples



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”, Staples is an emcee you really don’t want to fuck with. Vince drops nothing but hard-hitting flows over crazy, OF style beats, and you can tell that everything he says is true. Vince is from Compton, and you can hear it in his subject matter when he raps. Unlike Kendrick, Vince speaks from the perspective of a mad kid in a mad city, and truly gives listeners a feel for who he is and how where he grew up has shaped him. Check out his most recent video “Nate” above.

6) Eyedea

First off, I’d like to say Rest In Peace to Michael Larson, aka Eyedea. One of the best freestylers and battlers in recorded history, Eyedea is truly a legend of the scribble jam days. However, Eyedea also made great, down to earth music that was often overlooked throughout his career that I feel needs to be shared with the world. Larson had struggled with addiction and depression, which shows in his twisted, yet beautiful music. It’s impossible to name someone who paints pictures the same way as Eyedea, which is why he will forever be one of my favorite artists. Check out “Here For You” above.

Nathan Update

: I've said it before, I'll say it again.

Eyedea's freestyle with Slug is one of the best ever

7) Jazz Addixx

When I think “Jazz Addixx”, I think jazz hip-hop at it’s finest. Similar to Surreal and The Sound Providers, Jazz Addixx lace smooth flows over golden-age jazz influenced beats, creating the perfect kick-back soundtrack. As a listener, it’s easy to tell that they truly live hip-hop and aren’t just some dudes trying to make it big off their music. Check out “Something You Live” above.

If you guys have any suggestions for artists to throw into the next installment, feel free to hit me up on Twitter (


). I’m always down to hear some new music.