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SMKA"s "808s Experiment" Release Party Was as Crazy as Hoped

The release party for SMKA's collaborative album was every bit as bananas as we hoped.
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Although it doesn’t feel like three years ago SMKA released their first compilation Cd entitled “The 808 Experiment,” it does feel like this Atlanta producing duo has been bringing some of the hottest Hip-Hop from the most prominent artists around. This year was no different as they released the third installment in their compilation Cd, while celebrating the release with a show at the Loft in Atlanta, GA.

Starting the celebration with the ATL rock band “Cloudeater,” Mike and Blake from SMKA went around to greet everyone in the packed house and thank him or her for being there. Acts like Young Lyxx, Young Scolla, Laws, Goines, Ritz, Phila Ade, and many more! With photographers Dustin Chambers and Lee Starnes on the scene, many ATLiens posed for the lenses or were caught in the candid moments of enjoying the bass thumping acts.

As the night when on, more people were buying the new Colt 45 blast beverage and enjoying the sets which were introduced by the host Dres the Beatnick. While there were obvious fans of the acts, many who were first being introduced to the SMKA and DJBooth repeaters were fully participant and acceptance of the good southern soulful Hip-Hop that was being supplied. However, it was during times like Jarren Benton’s “Justin Beiber” set when every artist in Atlanta bum rushed the stage that you realized how close SMKA has brought artists together, on not just a musical level but on a personal level as well. Many artists who may of never worked with each other have now released dope collaborations and potential future projects, partially thanked to the ATL duo production group.

As the night was winding down with Aleon Craft, Grip Playaz, and others on stage heating up with venue with familiar SMKA produced tracks, I spoke with a DJBooth and SMKA featured artist Goines about his relationship with SMKA and DJBooth

“I think this project is more than just a mixtape! I was featured on DJ Booth with an album and freestyles, and SMKA reached out to me shortly after to get involved with this one and I’m glad they did. The whole project is filled with individual people with their own styles from their own place, but show the collaboration and mixture of the different artists all over. It’s great to have people doing that for us.”

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SMKA’s 808 Experiment Vol. 3

album may just be a mixtape to some, but for some artists and Hip-Hop heads, it is an opportunity to hear the best of the best, and for SMKA to throw a show where artists from the project are proud to be at, it shows that both the tape and show are the reasons that the producers aren’t just bringing together artists, but bringing together Hip-Hop in a whole.

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