A Brief History of Collab Projects That Never Happened


Kanye West doesn't always tweet, but when he does, it's usually something notable. Earlier this week, Yeezus sent out the following message to the world.

Okay, admittedly, that may not have been too important, but what is important is that it reminded me of the history between Pharrell and Ye. I thought of Child Rebel Soldier, their former supergroup with Lupe Fiasco that at one point in my life may very well have been my most anticipated project. Fast forward to present day, and it's not only obvious that CRS will never come to frution, but ludicrous that I would ever think a complete project would ever come to fruition. 

Such is the reality with supergroups formed from major label stars. Rarely does a promised project ever actually come into existence, and after years of (im)patient waiting and slowly deteriorating hype, we're almost always left with only a few records and the lingering disappointment from what might have been. Let's take a walk down the path of collaborative projects that never happened, and collectively sigh in regards to their anticlimactic flameouts.

Child Rebel Soldier

The year was 2007, the artists Kanye West, Pharrell and Lupe Fiasco. Ye's Graduation would drop later that year, which would go on to cement him as one of the top artists in hip-hop. Pharrell was coming off a year that saw him release a successful solo album and play a major role in the resurgence of the Clipse, in addition to his various 



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