Asher Roth Previews "Asleep In The Bread Aisle" [DJBooth Exclusive]


New York, NY -- Ever since

Marshall Mathers

went into seclusion, it seems like the hip-hop community has been holding its breath for the next 'Great White Hype.' Though there have been plenty of talented Caucasian emcees to come during and after Eminem's reign (

Aesop Rock


Bubba Sparxxx

, and Vinnie Paz, to name a few), none has truly been able to break out of the underground and into the hip-hop hierarchy. In less a month, though, a certain 23-year-old college kid will step up to the plate in hopes of making it to the big leagues.

“What’s up everyone, I’m

Asher Roth

, and I had no idea any of this was going down, I thought I was just going to play my CD for a few people. But I am extremely inspired by this because this group proves that my project is bringing people from all walks of life together,” Asher remarked to those gathered at the official listening session for his debut album,

Asleep in the Bread Aisle


With his

School Boy/SRC

project set to drop on April, 20th, the Morrisville, Pennsylvania native has been performing across the country, most recently bringing his acclaimed stage show, which can best be described as “the Beasties meet the Dave Mathews Band,” to Austin's SXSW music festival. Though Eminem comparisons have been tossed around ever since he started bubbling in the blogs,

Asleep in the Bread Aisle

will leave critics with no one to compare Roth to but himself. The up-tempo, classic rock-influenced production combined with Asher’s cunning polysyllabic flow combine to form a sound that is refreshing and much more than a 'guilty pleasure.' While the majority of the album’s subject matter reflects a traditional frat-boy perspective on having fun, it's Roth’s superb vocabulary that will have you hitting the rewind button.

Standout tracks like “La Di Da”, “Sour Patch Kids”, and “Bad Day” (feat.

Jazze Pha

) show Asher’s diversity and ability cater to multiple tastes. Largely produced by newcomer

Oren Yoel



features a few well-chosen guest appearances, including contributions from

Busta Rhymes



, but Roth is clearly the main attraction and is never outshined by his high-profile collaborators. On deck for single selection is a surefire club hit featuring the sultry

Keri Hilson


After witnessing firsthand the emcee's ability to relate to people from all walks of life, and his clear gratitude for the opportunity to rap, it's plain to see that he's no "Great White Hype;" in fact, he's a great


whose musical talent speaks for itself.

Photos take by Brandon Ross.



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