Audio-Ology Jump "In the Mix" [DJBooth Interview Exclusive]


Is today's music industry sick? Many seem to think so, but no one has stepped forward with a theory on how it's to be treated... until now. Experts in the science of


, Detroit-bred songwriter/producer

Chaz Logan

and Louisiana-born emcee

Zach Coyne

have mixed hip-hop, rock, soul, gospel and even country up into an eclectically dope brand of musical medicine sure to leave the game rejuvenated, and soothe listeners' eardrums to boot. Introduced to the Booth via


-informed banger “

Pretty Girls

,” the Los Angeles residents are currently preparing for the 2011 release of debut full-length

Dirty Laundry

, a project they're confident will be nothing less than a complete game-changer.

In this

Booth-exclusive, six-question interview

, Chaz Logan gives us the inside scoop on how Audio-Ology plan to nurse the game back to full health, why they decided to release their debut under indie label

Eklektic Entertainment

rather than a major and which group member has a bigger problem with chasing after “Pretty Girls.”

As professional Audio-ologists, how would you diagnose the current state of the music game?



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We would diagnose the current state of the music game as being nine months pregnant. Kind of like, that intense excitement and anticipation for new life. When a new life is born. it is incredible and refreshing. And we as Audio-ology feel that we are that new arrival.

What kind of treatment do you propose, in order to nurse it back to full health?

To get this music industry back to full health we feel like it goes back to the schools. The younger generation needs to be educated on the industry, the technology and the arts in general. For instance, music programs teach kids to play live instruments. Our music wouldn't be what it is right now without the feeling that you get from guitars screaming, pianos touching your soul and bass lines driving you. So to move forward, we believe music instruction and education needs to start with the young and it will spread.

In regard to Audio-ology's genre-blending sound, Zach was quoted as saying, “There are only two kinds of music, good and bad.“ It's clear that you share a love for hip-hop, club music, and vintage soul (to name a few), but are there any artists or genres you can't seem to agree on?

No. We share and enjoy listening to all genres of music. However, we have our favorites.

Do you ever see yourselves signing to a major label, or do you feel that your style will always be better suited to an indie like your current home, Eklektic Entertainment?

We love our label and we're entirely loyal to it. No one could ask for a more honest, moral, and supportive group of people. We truly feel like we are a family. If

Eklektic Ent.

decided that it would be best for us to partner up with a major then we would consider it. Right now we have full creative freedom in our projects and a knowledge that everyone around us truly cares for our well being. So for now and for life its

Eklektic Ent


On your debut single, you confess to having a problem with chasing after “Pretty Girls.” Which member of Audio-ology spends more time and energy pursuing beautiful women?

(Chaz): Zach is all about his family so he leaves the pretty girls for me. I'm young, talented, and single.

In addition to being the title of your forthcoming project, the phrase “Dirty Laundry” is used as a euphemism for deep, dark secrets. Do you have anything that you'd like to get off your chests right here in the Booth?

Every deep dark secret that we ever had will be exposed through our music. A lot of our songs are about relationships and relating to our generation. We feel like we are the dark secrets that are about to come to the light. To us, what "dirty laundry" represents is our past and current relationships and everything thats happening around and in our lives. Everybody has dirty laundry, we're just not afraid to air ours out!

Final thoughts? Shout outs? Confessions?

(Zach): At the end of the day, I would like to be respected as a true artist: as a musician, singer, and songwriter. I'm not doing music to impress girls or anything like that. I'm doing music because I love it, it is my passion, and it provides for my family. I've lived by one saying and I say it every night before I close my eyes....."music will provide". My personal shotout goes to Chaz Logan for being such an amazing group member. It wouldn't be Audio-ology without him.

(Chaz): I truly love being a musician. I feel like music is my purpose on this earth. I hope for us to be icons in this music industry one day and looked up to as role models. I hope to be considered one of the greatest rappers and songwriters of all time......time will tell. My shout out goes to Zach. He inspires me and he's one of the most talented individuals I've ever met.

(Audio-ology): We would like to shout out everyone that is supporting us in the beginnings of our long journey. To all the fans that support our music and come to our shows we appreciate it a hundred million percent. Our most important shout out goes out to our music family Eklektic Ent. Special thanks to Davis, Casey, Frank, and our manager Jazz. Also we'd like to thank Fonogenic studios. RP, James, Romi, and Chris for helping mold our music into greatness.

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