Avery Storm Breezes through NYC in Preparation for ‘Category Five’ [Exclusive Coverage]


New York, N.Y. -- The early arrival of the chilly winter-like weather set quite the fitting atmosphere for the listening party that took place at New York City’s Quad Studios for

Avery Storm

's forthcoming street album. The singer, songwriter and producer who's been taking the industry by his stage-surname announced Wednesday night that his

Category Five

mixtape will grant him the opportunity to prepare fans for his debut album,

Shotgun Love

, as well as allowing him to show the listening public what he’s all about. “What this is saying is, please don’t put me in a box. I’m an artist first, and writing songs has been my only true therapy all my life.”

Throughout the mixtape, Storm showcases the full breadth of his songwriting, production and vocal talents. Storm’s “Promise,” a flipped version of


’s “

Crying Out for Me

,” evokes the R&B of the 90’s; “

So what is a promise worth when a promise is broken, broken? Sometimes our most powerful words go unspoken…

” Other tracks stray from the romantic and veer into the gangster. On "


," Avery and guest emcee


admire an oh-so-bad shorty from afar over a

Blast Off

production. The mixtape also features production by

DJ Green Lantern


Chink Santana


Scram Jones


“My main goal has always been to write music and to write songs. This is the prequel,” Storm exclusively told DJBooth.net. “A lot of times, this stuff seems too crazy. If I were to give some of these tracks to the label they’d look at me like I was crazy. It’s what I’m feeling at the moment, so I chose to put it on the mixtape.” With regard to fear or excitement of crossing over into another general superstardom: “Whoever likes my music, I’m grateful for that. If you relate, it A; lets me know I’m not that crazy, and that B; I’m doing the right thing. I want my music to be real, almost to the point that it’s too real.”



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