Baby D Drops "Pre-Release" Mixtape (Free Download)


Chicago, IL -- has hooked up with our good friends at

Koch Records

to offer a special treat to our readers. Less than two weeks from the release of his debut album, "A-Town's Secret Weapon," rapper Baby D has dropped his "Pre-Release Mixtape" hosted by DJ Jelly. Below you will find a track listing for the mixtape; all but one song will be found on the aforementioned retail release (in stores and available for purchase online, April 29).

Click the album cover to download the album


Track Listing:

1.) U Gotta Love It

2.) Big Boy Whips

3.) Icey ft Shawty Lo & Gucci Mane

4.) Patron

5.) Do It

6.) I like the way she snaps her fingers

7.) Girls Gone Wild ft Blazed

8.) Put’m Up ft Pastor Troy & Sean P