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Reviewed: Beats By Dr. Dre


After finally entering the "digital age" earlier this decade, I have always struggled to find a good pair of headphones that allow recordings at a variety of bitrates to sound enjoyable. Professionally mixed and mastered work is supposed to sound clear, crisp, and complete, but with most headphones it simply doesn't. As a former DJ and current owner/operator of an online music magazine, I need nothing less than the best.

According to the legendary Dr. Dre, "People aren’t hearing all the music." Frankly, I couldn't agree more. Thanks to the world-renowned producer, who teamed up with Monster to create Beats By Dr. Dre headphones last year, casual music listeners and audiophiles alike will no longer have to worry about this problem. Yes, these headphones are that good.

Beats are not marketed toward the DJ sector, and they shouldn't be. Most DJs are not interested in precision-engineered speaker design and powered amplification, but they do want crisp highs, bass pumping lows and good cushioning for long hours of usage (which is where Beats hit a homerun). While a DJ could use these headphones for smaller parties or events, I wouldn't recommend them for regular usage at a club. Although the one advantage Beats could have in a club setting is their noise cancellation power, which would allow the DJ not to struggle hearing the records over the club speakers.

Like any product for sale Beats do have a few drawbacks. The included headphone cable, which measures 1.3 meters in length, is fine for personal use with an MP3 player, but is not nearly long enough for work in a professional recording studio or a DJ Booth. Also, unlike most headphones (and again, these are not most headphones), Beats require 2 AAA batteries (a pair are included in your original purchase). Simply put: after spending $349 on a pair of headphones - regardless of quality - do you really want to spend extra dough on a longer Monster cable and new batteries for the lifetime of the purchase?

All-in-all, Beats By Dr. Dre are as impressive a pair of headphones as I have ever owned (and I have owned a lot). The sound quality is unmatched, the defined separation is beyond impressive and the overall comfort of the headphones makes you forget you even have them on your head.

To make a music-loving family member or friend overly happy this holiday season, especially someone who visits regularly, we highly suggest you visit and order a pair. Believe me, they’ll thank you.

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