BeatStars Graduates out of Beta, Unveils Pro Pages

The music creation marketplace announces its graduation from beta, and rolls out its new Pro Pages functionality.
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San Franciso, Calif. -- With the goal of connecting music creators around the world,


provides a marketplace for both established and up-and-coming producers/DJs to upload and sell their production to recording artists.

In open beta since November 2011, BeatStars has already facilitated well over a half million dollars in earnings for its members. Now, it is proud to officially announce its graduation out of beta. In tandem with its launch, BeatStars is proud to unveil Pro Pages, a first-of-its-kind, customizable webpage where producer/DJ’s can showcase and sell beats directly to recording artists while keeping 100% of all license revenue. Pro Pages come complete with a fully automated beat licensing store in which aspiring artists can write lyrics, purchase music and instantly download high quality music files. Additional features include page design customization and use of your own top level domain name.

To further celebrate its launch, the company has signed a deal with

Universal Publishing

's music production division to offer licensing of thousands of beats, formed a partnership with


and developed a popular mobile app extension.



Serato DJ 1.9 - Public Beta

Serato DJ has just released a public Beta of their software which includes the integration of Pulselocker. Pulselocker is basically a music streaming service that seem like it will give you access to a big library of music to play from your DJ software...


Serato launches Sampler Plug-In Beta [Video]

Great news from DJ Software Juggernaut Serato. This time around they’ve given us a beta program Sampling music and directly using it with your favorite DAW system. Including FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, and NI Maschine are current supported software (may work with other DAW’s but not currently supported through beta).


Serato DJ 1.6 Beta Released

Today, Serato DJ released the new 1.6 Beta download to the public which brings all of the other Rane DJ mixers and DVS soundcards up-to-date with the newest Serato DJ features and functions. The Rane SL2, SL3, SL4, Sixty-One, Sixty-Two, and Sixty-Eight can all now reap the benefits of using the new Serato DJ platform instead of the "soon-to-be-retired" Serato Scratch Live software. Remember, this is only a Beta release, so Serato users are warned not to use this software in live performances because its not yet fully tested.


Traktor Scratch Public Beta

A new TRAKTOR SCRATCH public beta test is now open to all current Traktor Pro 2.6 users. This new beta version tests improvements to tracking alerts, resistance against record damage, high input warning and scroll-zone unresponsiveness. Native Instruments wants YOU to test the new TRAKTOR SCRATCH beta on your own DJ setup and help shape the future of the industry-leading vinyl and CD DJ timecode system. Enter to get the installer and sign up today.