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Best/Worst of the Week: 50 Cent Chain Snatching, Beefapalooza & More


Listen, it's Friday, we get it. Nobody really wants to do anything that involves using your brain. So "


" will provide you with both the biggest fails and the most awesome awesomeness, as well as some of the best (and worst) music of the week. It's a whole lot of everything.

Now let's get started...

Best Of The Week

Because The Internet:

Most rappers' internet game involves tweet spamming and Instagram posts, but Childish Gambino is different. I'm starting to think he just might be the most creative, artistic emcee around. Everything he does is so different, and so unique,

all I can do is stand up an applaud

. I'm not his biggest fan, but I respect his truly different approach. First it was a short-film, then it was a porn star centered lyric video, and now?

His EPIC tour website


If you have time to kill at work, this is perfect. Just a bunch of random, cool, and interactive shit here. From their tour playlists, to pictures, to funny stories, Gambino pulled out all the stops. It's been a long time since I just fucked around on a website to fuck around, but Gambino makes it so easy...and fun. I was genuinely interested in seeing all the stuff he had on the site and, you know, it kind of made me want to see him live. Advertising never gets me (too smart for that shit) but this worked. Where most rappers put out a boring youtube video of tour highlights, Gambino, made his tour documentary an interesting, interactive website.

Also, in case you forgot,

Because The Internet

is great.

50's Comeback Comeback:

"Animal Ambition"? Don't care about it one bit. 50 Cent? That man's the stuff awesomenesses is made of. As you know, this was the #Weekof50, so it's only fitting he appears (for the second time in as many weeks mind you) on the Best/Worst. After a horrible, truly god awful first pitch last week, 50s street cred may have been a little hurt...up until, you know, he stole that dude's chain and then preceded to wear it for the rest of the show.

Getting your chain took isn't a good look. Getting your chain took by a guy and then having to watch him wear it while he performs is an even worse look. Getting your chain took but a guy who dressed up like a witch a mere three days after robbing you is about as low as it gets, especially

with the press conference

; but for us, it's awesome. After humiliating Slowbuck, Fiddy went on Jimmy Kimmel and killed it with

his Maleficent remake


So, to summarize, 50 robbed and went on Kimmel dressed like Angelina Jolie in one week. I still may not care about the man's music, but I can't lie, hip-hop's a lot more entertaining with 50 in it.

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Best Music From The Booth




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10 Rappers You Should Know Right Now

Luh Soldier, Snowsa, SGaWD, and K.Charles are four of the 10 new rappers you need to know right now on Audiomack.

If you are a rapper, and decide to spit over these Charlie White cuts, you better do it properly or I'll probably hate you forever. Seriously, don't even think of breathing on that "You Know" instrumental if you don't have some serious flow.

Worst of the Week

Medium Rare Beef

I hate rapper beefs. HATE 'EM!!!! I especially hate it when it involves two rappers who peaked a decade ago. I hate it even more when these washed up rappers take to Twitter. As sad as it might be, 50 and Ja Rule's conflict might be the last somewhat, even kind of respectable beef. But now, whatever legacy they had has been shot to shit since Ja Rule took to twitter to let everyone know he totally doesn't think about 50 Cent anymore.

Damn after all these years I'm still in a niggas head lmao!!! Thanks for the shoutout @50cent

Fiddy may not be crushing the charts anymore, but I literally can't name a Ja Rule song that's come out in the last...47 years. And if the semi-renewal of this beef wasn't enough for you, this week also featured

rap writer beef

, which I think we all know is the most dangerous kind of beef, and Funk Flex and Dash exchanging shots (





I know, I know, it seems hypocritical that we applauded 50 for that chain snatching and then we're deriding all of this other nonsense - what can we say? We've got a complicated relationship with beef. But after writing this, it might be time to go vegetarian for a while.

Dr. Dre Bites From the Apple

As we laid out in

last week's podcast

, we applaud Dr. Dre for his merger with Apple. Salute to that man, his entry into the big time corporate world is a win for hip-hop on the whole. But...can we just not make the good Doctor so any more forced marketing appearances? That shit was the most awkward scripted conversation I've heard since the Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape.

And no, "Detox" still isn't dropping, with or without Apple. Come on people, let the dream die. I promise, you'll be much happier letting it go.

Worst Music of the Week

Yeah, it's bad on purpose, but they do such a good job of being bad on purpose that it's pretty damn bad. If that made any sense. All we know is that Ice JJ Fish is the smoothest voice to come through R&B since Darth Vader.

Comment of the Week

I have to go with my man


, who laid out a pretty damn good 50 Cent = Gilbert Arenas argument in our "

Rap Game Dwyane Wade

" piece. I can't lie, you make a pretty convincing argument:

"Know what? 50 is Gilbert Arenas. Was hot when he was young, got paid a CRAZY max contract, then fell the hell off. But he will still give u 40 at the Rucker ..just sucks in League Play."

You nailed it Preston, we salute you. Enjoy your weekend...